XBee Series 1, Firmware upgrade to version 1.x.C.x

I can’t seem to find version 1.x.C.x of the firmware for the XBee series 1.

I read this:
All customers are asked to qualify version 1xCx before receiving shipments after October 1, 2007.

I saw it in a knowledgebase article. There is a link to the firmware revision history, and in that document, there is a link to a knowledgebase article…
However that article has the title:
“Why does my PortServer II hang at PE and never finish booting?”

What the frak does that have to do with 1.x.C.x?

Also, I tried downloading the latest version of X-CTU,
to no joy; it was not in that zip package.

Where can I find 1.x.C.x, and its related documentation?


Thanks for pointing out the problem with the kbase article, its now fixed.

As for X-CTU, the downloads.php link doesn’t work, so we’ll have to look into that Monday. For now you can get X-CTU here:


As far as the 1.x.C.x version of the firmware, I believe a problem was found with it, so the latest available on the site is the 10A5 version. A newer version will come out in a week or two I believe.


The document:

has a hyperlink:

which should be info on 1.x.C.x, but is still the article:
“Why does my PortServer II hang at PE and never finish booting?”


Thanks for the heads up on that link. The doc should now be fixed.