undefined reference to `wxDir::~wxDir()'

I apologize if this is in the wrong forum, as I am new to this.

I am attempting to use a class called wxDir (C:
etos73\src\shared\graphics\wxWidgets\include\wx\dir.h), but I get the following error: undefined reference to `wxDir::~wxDir()’

Can anyone tell me how to resolve this?

A little background about my project: I inherited a project that was originally written for a NET ARM platform with a Green Hills compiler (so I am told). We are trying to port it to Digi ESP for NET+OS, and take advantage of the file system support. The original project was written completely in C. I have tried adding a .cpp file to use the wxDir class, but I’m stuck at the “undefined reference” error.

I’ve moved this to a different forum. Hopefully you’ll get the answer you need here.

PS. Maybe there’s another way to go about this? I’m not set on using wxDir if there is. I just need a way to enumerate file names in a given directory.

Some things to check:
appconf.h -> APP_CPP TRUE

Graphics must be enabled
Check the makefile.bsp options file, the GRAPHICS_PLATFORM needs to be TRUE

An undefined reference error means you don’t have the libraries or code added to your project. Make sure you have the wxWidgets libraries added to your project (Project Properties -> NET+OS tab -> libraries tab).