undefined reference to `yaffsfs_config' compiling error


I have installed a fresh copy of NET OS 7.4 (with Digi ESP) on my computer. All the packages have been updated to today current version.

However, when I create a new sample project, compiling (debug or release) returns the following errors:

  • undefined reference to `yaffsfs_config’ [./yaffs2/yaffs_api.c]
  • undefined reference to `nand_init_tbl’ [./yaffs2/yaffs_ynand.c]

Apparently, those errors come from the library

so I haven’t access to the source file.

Does anyone met this problem? And resolve it?

Thanks in advance

I believe there was a change made recently that would facilitate NOT including the YAFFS unless it was explicitely required. THis was to help customers who felt that the image was getting too large. I believe what you’ll need to do is look in the bsp_fs.h file that is associated with your project. At the bottom is a macro entitled BSP_YAFFS_DRIVER_ENABLE. I believe by default this is defined to FALSE. Set this to TRUE. Then clean and refresh your project and then rebuild.

You are right. Setting BSP_YAFFS_DRIVER_ENABLE to TRUE make it compiles fine.
Thank you very much for your help.