Unicast to multiple devices?

Is it possible to send information from one device to many in AT mode without broadcasting? I have one device that always transmits, but the data needs to go to 3 end devices. So far the only way I have been able to do this is to broadcast the data. Unicast only allows for one address to be entered as the destination.

Multicasting is not supported in the XBee ZNET 2.5 radio. Because of this, there are only two means of communication, unicasting or broadcasting. Broadcasting can be quite slow, and it requires that all nodes receive the the same message. Because of these two factors, it is possible that unicasting to a relatively few devices is the better way to go.

Thanks for your reply.

Is it possible to unicast to a radio and then have that radio unicast the same message to the next one down the line, like a repeater? If there is an easy way to do this with Znet 2.5 it would save me some programming.

Here was my idea, but I don’t know if this will work.
I would have radio A destination address set to radio B source address. Radio B would have destination address set as radio C source address. I would program the PIC on radio B to retransmit the serial data it hears from radio A to radio C, like a two-way radio repeater. Can this be done or would it strain the resources on radio B?

Your idea should not cause a problem. API mode would make it easier to do what you want. If you are using PicBasic to program your pic let me know and I can give you some code to let radio A transmit to radio B and then change the DL to transmit to radio C. Also, does latency matter in your project.