Unix<->windows Format

I just had installed Net+works with GNU Tools. I tried to build something (naftpprom) by typing make… The Error i get was “comnmands commence before first target”. I opened the Makefile with my VIM, and saved it as a Unix-file. then ist goes a little bit better, but in the first .h file there was the same problem, i have to save it as an Unix-file. What should i do? I think there are better solutions than opening every file and save it as Unix-files. Did i thomething wrong??

Have you missed to this; just manually copy these file: crt0.o , libc.a and libg.a m from C:\NETOS5_GNU\gnusrc\ to C:\cygwin\usr\arm-elf\lib\be\u005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu005cu000d After this things should roll fine.

it seems that you use a different version of cygwin or installed Netos in non-default path. the mount point where netos is installed should be mounted in text mode and not in bin-mode. type mount to check this