using make on Windows 7

How do I get make to work on Windows 7? I need to make the bootloader separately from my application so I’d like to use make directly and not use ESP.

I’ve tried using make from a command prompt, but the make files seem to have Unix commands. I’ve tried executing bash.exe then make, but bash says make is not a recognized command. I’ve tried setting $PATH to cygwin420\bin, and editing .profile in cygwin420\etc without success. It’s been about 25 years since I worked with Unix, so I’m fumbling a bit. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

After further trial & error, I’ve determined that to make the bootloader the steps are:

  1. set the dos path to include cygwin420\bin
  2. open a dos command window in netos75\src\bsp which contains the bootloader makefile makefile.bootloader
  3. execute bash
  4. export PLATFORM=ns9750_a (or whatever the platform is)
  5. MODE=verbose
  6. make -f makefile.bootloader

I’ve yet to determine if this gives me a flashable bootloader image, but at least it doesn’t give any error messages.


Just a quick question, were you using windows 7 64 bit?

I can’t even get Digi ESP to build the sample projects…
If so what did you do to make it work?