Unknown Name rcm6700

hi, how I can set a rcm6700 name, for example today “Unknown Name”

What do you mean by “set an RCM6700 name”?

I mean the name on a network, if a PC would be the computer name, for example “notebook03 or PC-smith or Sever-In-Out”. On a serious dhcp server client name.
I hope you understand.
Thank you.


From what I can recall, you first need to define the DHCP_SEND_HOSTNAME macro. I think you also need to define a DHCP_CLASS_ID macro and finally you need to call sethostname() in your code to set the name you want to use.

if you have a look at the ports\rcm6700\main.c file in the Rabbit BACnet stack at bacrabbit.sourceforge.net you will see how I did it.