Upgrading firmware and driver

I have an application with seven Digi One IA devices networked to a single PC (Windows XP SP2). I feel a driver and/or firmware upgrade may be needed. How can I know the current driver and firmware? How can I upgrade these if needed?

The Digi One IA is still on release ā€œGā€ dated June 2005.


Why exactly do you think you need an upgrade? If you seem to have trouble staying connected with raw TCP sockets or RealPort, the problem may NOT be staying connected but being able to reconnect once a network issue breaks the TCP connection.

You may need to enable TCP Keepalive for a few minutes timeout, which causes the Digi One IA to recognize faster if the Host goes away without disconnecting first. I have some info up at this Wiki site:

This is something I WISH were default on and next firmware will have it default on ā€¦ is a history/legacy issue we have with Unix users not wanting it on for some reason.