Urgent! Using API to program XBee in C#

Hi, I need some starting guide codes for API communications in C#. I have these hex address in X-CTU (7E 00 12 92 0013 A2 00 40 6B 68 BB 4F 01 01 00 02 00 00 00 4F) from the sensor data. how do I program it in C#?

Thank you.

You can search the internet. You will see some results. I guess most of them need enough experience in zigbee standard use.

Hi, i tried google before asking here. i can’t find that is related to what I wan.

Oh, so you have to be a pioneer.

check the following websites for c# help

www.codeproject.com , www.dotnetspider.com , http://csharp.net-informations.com


like this :