USB Anywhere with VDI

Hi All

i am doing some testing with a USBAnywhere device in a virtual Desktop infrastructure.

I have a scanner attrached the the usb device and would like multiple people to use it, however i seem to have run into a problem.

when a user is connected to the hub no one else can connect, i know this is a usb issue, however there is no way i can get users to remember to dissconect from the decive after they have finished doing their work, other users can not dissconect them.

it starts to become an expensive solution if users can share, the hubs are not cheap!!


The AnywhereUSB acts just like a regular USB hub attached directly to the computer. The ports can’t be shared among other users on the network.

IF the USB device is shareable (like printers, hard drives, etc) then other people can use it.

Just keep in mind we offer no additional functionality than you can get from a USB hub attached to the PC directly. What we do offer is USB support for Virtual servers and a way to extend the distance of your USB devices.