USB dongle used for USB over IP

I was wondering if any of your USB to ip devices will support the following…

I’m looking to use a laptop with no wires attached, since its a waterproof laptop, except when you expose the ports (usb, serial, etc). However, I need to use a USB dongle with the computer because the software needs the dongle for its licensing. I see that your USB to IP device is for monitoring remote devices, which I understand. All my peripheral devices will be feeding in on a wireless router. Will your anywhereUSB support my needs, if i connect it to my router? The software I use will intermittently check for the license. I don’t know if it will know to look for it on the LAN though. Most likely not. Does the computer think it is just simply a USB plugged in, even though it is coming in over the LAN? For instance, with Windows, will the USB connected to the AnywhereUSB show up in the device mananger?

My guess is that it probably won’t work. In my case, you would be able to illegally use one hardware dongle for infinite computers (which I’m not trying to do).

Do you have anything else that might help me???


This would work as we have it for dongles at our business. You can only have the port mapped to one computer at a time, which wouldn’t allow infinite computer use at the same time.

In general only one computer can connect to one USB port and/or multiple USB ports but, multiple computers cannot share a single USB port in AnywhereUSB.