Usb issues with NoSuchPortExceptions on windows Java app

Hi there,

We have a custom java program that controls/manages our xbee pro 900hp mesh network. It does so using an xbee modem connected via usb to a windows computer. We used windows because we also wanted to be able to use xtcu and xbee network manager on this computer which aren’t available for Linux to my knowledge.

We are running into problems where sometimes the computer loses power and reboots. When this happens we sometimes lose connection to the usb port the xbee is connected to even though the program auto restarts. I have to manually disable and reenable the com port to get it to work.

Does anyone have suggestions to prevent this issue or how to go about automatically disabling/reenabling the com port the xbee is connected to?

What is the part number of the USB interface board you are working with?

Could be wrong but I believe it was XM-M92-UP-UA

We tried updating the drivers to the most recent xbee usb drivers so hopefully that will help.

I would suggest powering it from its external power source. In this case, you may need to unplug the USB cable when this occurs as you are having some sort of Windows Memory problem.

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That’s a good suggestion. I think it was connected to the external power but I’ll definitely double check. It’s in a very remote location running off generators so power stability is definitely part of the problem. We plan to add an uninterruptible power supply which should hopefully help as well.