com port goes down

Hi everyone.

I’m recently working with DigiMesh Modules, PRO version and I have a problem: I have a service running in visual basic 6.0 which through API frames sends information to the others nodes in the network but each 10 hours the com port of my base radio goes down and I have to restart the PC to restore the comunication. The error is “Error.Number=5” “procedure call or arguments invalid”. Someone knows what could be the problem?


This clearly is an ‘operating system’ problem (Windows?) as I’ve never had trouble with this, plus Windows is notorious for locking up serial ports & requiring a reboot.

You did not explain your hardware very clearly, but I will assume you have a Windows PC (not a MAC or Linux running Windows) and that you have a USB-based DM Xbee acting as your link into the mesh.

I cannot even guess why Windows would invalidate a USB serial device every 10 hours. Sorry, but the only suggest I can make is to have your VB program close and reopen your port every few hours. If it truely is the USB driver which Windows is crashing, this might not help.