USB power relay wrong in schematics

Hi,The manual of the NS9750 doesn’t say if the USB power relay output is active high or active low. The schematics of the development board says its active low. But this seems to be wrong ! The manual of the tps2051 says that output is enabled when enable is high. So the image in the schematics is a tps2041 but is named tps2051. Jochen

Page 09, USB, U22. The BOM calls out for a TPS2051(an active high enable) . The schematic symbol pictures a TPS2041 an active low enable). The USB Host power should not power-up enabled. The J & C guide should be changed to have(GPIO[17] SW11-5 = ON. b. The schematic symbol should be corrected. U22 should be a TPS2051(active True high enable).