Use analog i/o to get temperature in sauna - need help coding python


I would like to use the analog i/o to get a temperature through a one-wire temp sensor. We have a common owned sauna in Stockholm and we need to know when the temperature is good to go.

I have found a script for raspberryPi written in Python that I would like to adopt but I don’t know if it’ll work.

I have goten it to work on an Arduino, where the arduino sends data to Thingspeak.

All code so far are available in github.

My first question: is it possible to do this on my WR31?
Second: Some one who would like to help us get this thing working?


The WR31 analog IO can be used to read voltage or current.

Depending on the 1 wire sensor the wr31 can read the input and cary out some task using python.

is example of wr31 scripts that allow monitor inputs and carry out task like sms or switch on a light.

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