Use Case Scenerios with Digi IX10 & OR IX20


My goal is to find an LTE Router that will allow me to remotely connect to a POE IP Camera at a remote location using an affordable Mobile Data Plan (Mostly via AT&T but the more options the better).

As best I can tell the two devices mentioned in the thread topic appear that they would fit the purpose for my use case but its unclear to me if these are strictly meant for IoT usage or if they would work just fine to access an IP Cam.

I would like to be able to receive Alerts from the camera along with any attached Snapshots or small Video clips that may be generated due to triggered Motion events…etc. I would also like to be able to connect to the camera and view it remotely direct from its own Web page if the need arises to do so.

This system will be Off-Grid and powered via Solar/Battery 24/7. I intended to have a dedicated POE switch for the camera and plan to plug one of the DIGI routers previously mentioned into the same switch. The switch has one port that is not POE which is where the DIGI Router would reside.

My hope is that I can setup DynDNS on the DIGI Router and will access it remotely via my home office PC. A VPN or certificate based authentication would be used to login to the remote LAN components hanging off of the POE switch (via Port Forwarding or similar configured on the DIGI).

Is there any task in the above use case scenario that either DIGI LTE Router could not accommodate? Should these routers work well in such a use case?

Lastly, I’m struggling a bit with what Mobile Data Plans will work with the DIGI Routers. I have an existing Mobile Data Only Plan from “EIOT Club” which I use in a ReoLink Camera at the same remote location and that Plan seems to work well enough but I’m pretty sure all Data is passing thru China first before I get to it. For my use case I’m not too concerned with that because the Data Plans are affordable.

Would an EIOT Club Data Plan work with the DIGI Router? What other providers work with the DIGI Routers and allow such a use case with affordable Data Plans? I saw mention of one Plan provider called Hologram in another forum topic but I see no useful info on the web site about costs for such a plan.

I appreciate any insight or thoughts on the above use case…Thank you

Good day!

Great questions, we have seen multiple use cases with our cellular routers and IP cameras. I would contact to get product selection assistance, but your above use case is definitely common.

As far as data plan, this a little tougher as cellular providers typically do not give out “mobile terminated” or static IP addresses for cellular plans or they have a steep up front cost ($200+ per IP has been observed from some carriers). Instead, we would typically recommend that you utilize some kind of VPN tunnel from our router to your HQ to access the device remotely. Again, sales can help with and I hope this information was useful!

Thanks for your reply. I will contact Sales as you suggest