Digi EX15 - How to remotely connect/disconnect from cellular network

Hello together.

I am looking for a way to force the router to disconnect from the cellular network and only connect to cellular network in when I want to.

Neither in the AT commands nor in the CLI commands have I found a way to implement the following:

  • Modem should be switched on but not dial into the cellular network
  • Modem should dial into the cellular network after a corresponding command
  • Modem should log out of the cellular network after the corresponding command (no traffic, no active connection)

Does anyone here perhaps have the crucial tip on how this can be realized?
Thank you


I don’t think that this is possible “natively”, but perhaps could be via a custom Python script (such that a certain SMS text, for example, could connect/disconnect). You could engage the Digi Professional Services team to see if it’s something they’d be able to help you with, noting that’s a paid service outside standard support.