Use Digi RPM alone?

I want to know if it is possible to use “Digi RPM” (Remote Power manager)alone (Without Digi CM or PortServer) for a remote administration.


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Yes, it is possible to use this without a Digi CM or Portserver TS by using it in commandline mode with a dumb terminal or something connected to it. Here is an article which details the various commandline arguments:

Thanks. But I already did that with an local access with Hyperterminal. The problem is if it’s possible to direct access from a remote station?

Without use of a Digi CM or Portserver to facilitate access remotely, how would you connect to it then? About the only possibility might be a dialup modem. Otherwise, what did you have in mind?

Yeah, exactly, without using another Digi product. Simply connect the Digi RPM direct to a modem with a cable. It’s possible?

I don’t think this would work well with a modem, and it definitely wouldn’t be supported. There’s no DCD signal for one thing, which is what a modem uses to tell another device that its connected.

ok thanks michaelt !