Combined console / power management solution


I’m optimally looking for a combined console access / RPC solution, but will settle for two different appropriate solutions. I have 16 devices for which I need console access and remote power control. The challenge is that the data center has specified that a max of 3 servers can be plugged into a circuit – a 16-port RPC device wouldn’t work. At worse case, I may need to install 5 rack-mount RPC boxes, each with 3 or more outlets.

However, I seem to recall that there existed a solution (I even thought it was provided by digi) that had some sort of inline power “outlet” between the “wall” power and the device being controlled that was connected to the terminal server via a twisted-pair cable and supported power-cycling the device from the terminal server.

Does/did Digi ever provide anything like this? If not, is there anything that could be recommended?



Please see this product:

And this one:
There are product data sheets for each product at the links.