Tip ! Linking Digi RPM to Digi PortServer TS : Don't turn around the cable


I come here sharing my (bad) experience about linking Digi RPM to Digi Port Server TS. I lost too much time on this stupid problem.

With the RPM, you get only one leaflet with some plans on how to link RPM to PortServer.

On this leaflet, it is not mentionned that the cable to link RPM to PS is not symmetric, hence not reversible.

There is a little “Digi” label on one side of the cable. (The connector on this side has no wire on the 3rd pin). This cable end must be connected to the PS.
The other end must be connected to the console port of the RPM.

  • Also :
  • The DIP switchs must be all set at 0 if you don’t use cascade ports.
  • You cannot cascade RPM when you use a Digi PortServer.
  • Each RPM must be linked on his own port on the PS.
  • If you want control RPM linked with PortServer with HyperTerminal, configure the port of Digi PortServer as Realport but not “Power Management”


Some of this is covered in the Quick Start Guide:

There is a note that the Portserver TS can’t be used for cascading Digi RPMs for instance. Additional information can be found in the Portserver TS User Guide, of particular interest would be chapter 9: