Connecting a RPM to the network

I just purchased a Digi RPM 8. Unforuntaly I thought I could attached it to our network to access but can’t. I need a terminal Server. Since I don’t have one is it possible to connect a Digi One SP DB-9 to the network than connect it to the RPM 8. Thus allowing me to access it over our internal and external network. Also, which Digi cable would go between the One SP DB-9 and the RPM 8.



Yes, the Digi One SP would work to get your Digi RPM on the network. The following links should help.

Since the SP has a DB9, follow the third example for cabling considerations (connecting the com port of a PC to the RPM):

As far as the Digi One SP setup, this document will cover setting up Digi network devices for console management:

Hope that helps!

Thanks for the info. :slight_smile: