Usefulness of ATRC, ATRM commands

The AT commands ATRC and ATRM both examine and report power levels on one of 50 hop channels. The difficulty I’m having is that I cannot enter Command Mode unless the module is in Idle Mode, so if there is any activity on the channels for me to measure, the radio is in Receive Mode, precluding entry into Command Mode in order to retrieve the power levels.

Am I missing something here? It seems like the only time I can use the ATRC / ATRM commands is when all channels are idle, but that case is not so useful.

Maybe I need to stay in Command Mode for the duration of my use of ATRC / ATRM otherwise channel activity will ensure I cannot get back to Command Mode.

I use ATRM in a BASIC program I wrote to determine if there is interference on the 50 frequencies that the XTend radio uses. Useful for determining if switching channels or moving to 2.4GHz is a better option. I’m going to see if Digi will provide me a table of which channel (0-9) uses which of the 50 frequencies.

Email me at wpollock(AT) and I will send you the program I wrote using RobotBasic (free compiler)