Using array variables with checkboxes

I’m having problems using columns of CheckBoxes in my web page.

The idea is to have 16 Rows (one per data record) of 7 columns each (one column for each day of the week).

I generate the 16 rows using a ‘for’ loop. If I use just one column, everything works.

If I add a 2nd column, it all goes pear-shaped.

My ZHTML page is attached …

Thanks in advance for any offers of help.

Solved it ! 16 rows with 7 checkboxes in each row = 112 variables. There is a macro called RWEB_POST_MAXVARS which defaults to 64. I’ve set it to 256. I’ve also increased RWEB_POST_MAXBUFFER from 2048 to 8192. It all works now. Thanks to everyone who contemplated answering.