Virtual 2000 Server Compatibility

Is Windows 2000 Server compatible with AnywhereUSB/5 in a virtual environment? I get an error stating that awvusbd.sys and USBD.SYS device drivers could not be loaded.

I can’t say I’ve worked with Windows 2000 in a virtual environment before, but we need to perform the following when you install the AnywhereUSB into a XP and newer virtual envrionment:

Try this out on your system and see if it gets you running.

I have also performed the fix for Windows 2003 onwards but it doesn’t work for 2000 and I can’t see any posts about anybody being successful with 2000.

The legacy AnywhereUSB/5 (the only model /5 that we’re shipping out these days) is the only model AnywhereUSB that’s compatible with Windows 2000. You must run the v2.40 AnywhereUSB driver. To check your driver version, run the AnywhereUSB Configuration Utility and click View / Driver Information and make a note of the first file awusbsys.sys. Which AnywhereUSB driver version are you running?

And where exactly are you seeing that error?

We are running v2.4 driver. The install of the drivers goes ok, but when we add the server into the connection list, it then asks us to reboot the server once it has completed installing the new usb drive. When it’s back to the ctrl, atl & del screen it then says that the awvusbd.sys and USBD.SYS device drivers could not be loaded and we cannot access the USB devices.

  1. Confirm that the AnywhereUSB’s IP address is in the Connection List (only that IP, nothing else).

  2. Unplug all USB devices from the AnywhereUSB.

  3. Reboot the host PC.

Do you still get that error? If so, try other versions of that usbd.sys file from other sources, i.e. other Windows discs or even from a physical machine running the same Windows 2000 Server OS. Be sure to reboot the host PC after putting a different usbd.sys file in \system32\drivers.

Let me know how it goes.