vm server and anywhere/usb must be logged on to see it

When using Anywhere USB/5 on a VMWare esx3.5 Windows Guest, must a user be logged in for the Windows server to see a USB connected dongle license?


The AnywhereUSB will enumerate on the system without actually being logged into the computer. However, the enumeration happens relatively late in the boot up process so if your dongle service starts to quickly the AWUSB ports may not be available.

A way to get around this problem is to “delay a service in windows”. There are a few ways to do this, just do a search and use the one you prefer. Basically you’ll just be adding a dependency for your service on a service that is known to start up late in the bootup process. This allows our AnywhereUSB to get enumerated and available before your dongle license service starts up.

Hope this helps!
Mike S

Thanks for the info, This was a pre-purchase question so I will look into the service issue later. I just needed to know if it would see the USB dongle before anybody logged onto the box, since this is a server we don’t expect anyone to be logged on most of the time.