Vpn tunel is up but there any traffic does not pass?

I have tunel up and running, what else i need to to to pass traffic through the tunel? Maybe some firewall roule to add? Or something else?

This would depend on the type of vpn and what you are trying to pass

if it is an ipsec tunnel (eroute) the traffic has to end up on the wan interface that ipsec is enabled on also the traffic has to match the source and destination of the eroute

if it is a gre over ipsec in this case a route has to be added pointing to the gre tunnel also return path has to be setup on the other end back to the tunnel.

if you have firewall turned on on the wan interface this has to allow the traffic in and out of the tunnel

there are a number of reasons that traffic will not flow

there are examples of setting up vpn tunnels in the document section of the transport product on the support pages of the web site