DMVPN is not work

Hi guys,

I have a trouble with configure DMVPN.

I configured it by document AN 54.

On the Hub side I use Cisco Router 2921 and I also configured interface tunnel0 with mode gre multipont and in another side I use DIGI Transport WR11.

When I create gre interface on the digi transport, I can’t pinging tunnel interface on the side Cisco.
I don’t need configure full mash topology. I want configure only Multihub and spoke topology.

Please help me to to implement this scheme.


If you followed AN54 you also have to setup IPSEC aswell as GRE and you would have to provide more information on where the connection fails.

is the ipsec tunnel coming up is the GRE tunel up and configured with keepalives

Have you setup matching tunel keys

are packets going over the wan interface of the wr11

have you got basic connectivity from the wr11 to the cisco

have you got connectivity from the cisco to the wr11