watchport V frames dropping issue


I got a new to me Watchport V camera. I installed it on a windows xp machine. I downloaded the exe file from the webpage and installed it. The installation seems to have gone fine.
I open the the vidcap software and it sees the camera. When I try to capture video though, I keeps dropping frames for any frame rate above 1 frame per sec. At 6 fps it drops 90% of the frames. Lowering the video size/quality only helps a little.

appreciate any help.

There are some adjustments you can make in the control panel that may help, but it sounds as if you have already done this. The WatchportV camera has since been replaced by the Watchport/V2 and Watchport/V3 cameras, which use a different chipset than the original Watchport/V camera, and therefore faster software interfaces (DirectShow). Currently the only suggestion I have would be to make various changes in the control panel for the Watchport/V including compression options to see if you get less frames dropped. The other thing to consider here is the fact that you’re not only previewing these frames, but also saving them to disk, which means there could be other factors regarding your PC which would be causing the dropped frames (other processess running in the background, other devices being serviced, etc.). Anything that may increase CPU utilization, or slow down write access to your drive.