We are Looking for Embedded Programming Services

Hello. I own a small engineering company in Fort Wayne, IN. We have been selling a low-volume system in which the BL2600 is the controller. Our programmer may no longer be available soon and I am looking for a company or moon-lighter to take over the maintenance of this system as well as work on the development of a more advanced product in this line.

The preferences we have towards the company or individual are as follows:
>>> Prefer to work with a company or someone in embedded software development full-time. However, we will consider a moon-lighter if other preferences are good.
>>> Prefer to work with an office within a comfortable drive radius from Fort Wayne, IN. The second geographical preference would be Southern California.
>>> Prefer to work with a company or individual who also has good experience working with similar boards for small volume development that can be programmed with just C, as opposed to being stuck with Dynamic C. (Our most immediate need (next few months) may be to start a project, in which I do not wish to use a Rabbit board as the controller.)

If you are interested, please contact me by this email: ingeniero8894@yahoo.com
Please send your web site, if you have one, and your hourly rates for both the Rabbit boards and other boards if you may program. I will respond with further questions. Thanks.

I think you need to talk to Spectrum Design Solutions.