What are the default settings for XBee wall router?


I have a couple of new wall routers but they don’t seem to be connecting to my Zigbee network.
Assoc light keeps flashing and can’t see it in XCTU

Can someone tell me default settings of routers please.
I’ll then hit the associate button 4 times and hopefully I’ll have a starting point.



You can see what the default settings are by opening XCTU. Then choosing the firmware explorer. In the Firmware explorer, select XBP24BZ7 from the Product family, from the function set, Choose Zigbee Router AT (WALL RT) and from version choose 2BA7. The default values will be displayed.

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The blinking assoc light without any meaningful association is apparently a Digi ‘Feature’. It means that the Router THINKS it has associated with a network, because it is pretending that it is still associated with the last network that it actually did associate with. And it will happily do this forever, unless you have set the network timeout to a non-zero number. The number is the timeout in MINUTES, not seconds, so even if you change it from zero, you may be waiting A WHILE.

When you hit the button on the wall router, it restores the device to factory defaults. This means ZS=0, and any timeout changes that you have added will be lost. If you want to see the Router with anything - the Connectport web page, or anything else, it, too, must be changed to ZS=0.

You cannot directly see the settings of a wall router from XCTU. It has to be associated with a device that is directly connected to the computer.