XBee Wall Router


I have a wall router which I intend to test with my XBee network, but there seems to be a lack of information about this product. I’m guessing that it needs to associate with my network, and it is blinking green, which indicates that it has associated with a network. However, I have multiple networks, so I need to know how to make it associate with a particular network? It has a button which should make it discoverable, but when I try to discover it from the ConnectPort interface, it is not detected. There is no other connection available to configure the router. Does anyone know anything about these?



I use them from time to time, and as you noted, they are a pain in the wazzoo to get set up in a crowded ZB environment. Digi’s buzz-hype of “just drop in a wall router” is only true at sites with a single mesh.

The unit is chemically glued/welded shut, and you’ll probably break something off if you try to open it.

You have 3 options:

  1. pressing the button 4 times will cause it move to a new channel & begin searching for a new association. The ‘new channel’ is important because if you have multiple systems on the SAME channel, this method can be quite slow. (The 4-button press is discussed in the XBee MODULE manual.)

  2. (what I do) take the unit home or to some quite ZB-free place, get it associated to a temporary mesh (X4? XBIB?) and then hard-code inside my desired PAN ID - make sure you set JV=1 also. Then when you move it back to RF-crowded place, it will associate to the correct system.

  3. don’t use a wall router - I often just use any Xbee running in router mode.