What are the differences between XBP9B-DMUT-002 Rev M and prior, subsequent revisions

We have about 100 boxes in the field, all equipped with the XBP90B-DMUT-002, but with varying revisions: H,J,L,M,N, and P

We have started to see spontaneous computer reboots of the host computer in the recently fielded boxes. Error messages on the host computer of the effected boxes indicate problems associated with EMI.

Interestingly, all of the rebooting boxes are equipped with Rev M XBees. And of the Rev M boxes, only those near known EMI sources are rebooting.

My question is: What are the differences between Rev L and Rev M, and between Rev M and Rev N.

Also, are the hardware change logs published anywhere on the net?


Jonathan Walther
Superior Traffic Services

That information is not going to be found on a Forum. You need to contact your Regional Digi Sales manager to obtain that kind of data.