what configuration parameters in xctu will allow me to connect to a GE zigbee smart outlet.

I have series 1 xbee, 802.15.4 I believe. Trying to make my own smart hub with an arduino that has coordinator, router and end devices, need to connect the zigbee outlet to end device xbee to relay info but cannot connect to outlet/ i dont know how to.

You will need a ZigBee radio, not raw 802.15.4.

Once you have a compatible module, instructions at http://knowledge.digi.com/articles/Knowledge_Base_Article/Zigbee-Home-Automation/?q=home&l=en_US&fs=Search&pn=1 will let you know how the AT registers need to be configured.

This will only get you to the point they can join at the network layer. You still need to implement/port enough of the ZDO/ZCL profiles to communicate.

can you add a link to such products?
should i be looking at these modules?

i have already purchased 3 802.15.4 and if those are the wrong xbees, i want to be sure that i buy the right ones this time

Look for the “ZigBee” keyword.

Something from https://www.digi.com/products/xbee-rf-solutions/2-4-ghz-modules/xbee-zigbee should work. Stay away from the programmable variants as they include an extra co-processor you don’t need since you’re on Arduino.

https://www.digi.com/products/models/xbp24cz7pit-004 would probably work out pretty well.

Make sure you really have a series 1 XBee though. The newer 802.15.4 modules from Digi are built on the same hardware as the ZigBee variants.


In that case, you might be able to firmware update them from 802.15.4 to ZigBee without needing to buy new modules.

i purchased one of these:


since i saw this page


and i think i can try to configure it with those specific parameters?

That’s the right page.

You selected a programmable variant. That will be a pain. It has a co-processor on module which is by default intercepting the serial port so that it doesn’t reach the XBee.

Others have had a similar problem in the past…


You have to hit the bootloader and put it into “bypass” mode to directly access the XBee from your Arduino. Major pain to do every time and waste of the built-in co-processor. Digi sells non-programmable variants that would be much easier to use.

i have purchase the RF TXRX MODULE 802.15.4 U.FL ANT. i contacted digi for a pin breakout because i could not find any info online for Vcc, tx, rx and ground pins. is this tranceiver compatible with the previous xbees that i bought xbee 802.15.4? i dont think they will be resulting in my system being build on only RF TXRX MODULE 802.15.4 U.FL ANT tranceivers. thanks