What could prevent AI from leaving 0xFF

I’ve got a XBee device to connect to a network normally, then I set DJ to 0x01, request the device to leave (NR) the network, issue a scan (AS), then configure it to join one of the networks found by setting ID, SC, ZS and KY. After that, I set DJ to 0x00 and keep pooling AI, but the value never leaves 0xFF. What could be the reason for that?

Extra information:

  • the first join after I connect to the device (and issue a reset) always work. I’m setting it’s parameter using the same functions on both cases.
  • If instead of setting ID, SC and ZS, I leave ID = 0, SC = 0x7FFF and ZS = 0, it seems to work, but obviously may not join the correct network.


You should only be changing ZS if you are working with 3rd party Zigbee enabled device.

SC needs to match the other nodes within the network. So if you are setting it to something else, it may not join.

Digi Support

ZS and SC matches target network parameter, so this shouldn’t be a problem. However, even when these parameters are wrong, I understand that AI must eventually be set to a value other than 0xFF, right?

Yes, the AI should change off of 0xFF and should cycle thru the process again till the association occurs.