AI parameter behavior

Dear All:

I´m just starting with Xbee. Please can you help me with this?

I´m working with two S1 modules, a coordinator and an end device. It supposed AI return “0” when the device is associated. However, I´ve noticed, in case of the END DEVICE, that it returns zero right after the association process has started and the association LED is still “ON”. The Coordinator already started the network.

Further, if I turn off the Coordinator, I trigger the END DEVICE association, and I start to check AI repeatedly, the first two or three answers is “0” and the next is “0x02 - Active Scan found no PANs”.

The curious thing is if I use X-CTU to set the parameters of the module to the default values and I send the AI command with the uC before initialize it, the returned value is “0” too.

So, the question would be: Which would be the right moment to check AI value and know for sure if the device is associated?


Best Regards.

S1 radios do not require a coordinator to set up a network. You can simply pre-configure all radios on a single network with the same CH and ID.

Yes, I know that. A friend borrowed these modules but my idea is to get a couple of S2C Zigbee modules soon.

Further, I don´t understand why the S1 modules have the possibility to configure a module like Coordinator or End Device, then.