Why doesn't the S2C send beacon requests in X4?

I am wondering why I am observing the following behavior.
I currently has a 3 device network that I setup for testing. 1 coordinator that is a T.I. CC2650. 1 Router that is a Digi X4 with a S2C module installed. and the End Device is a proprietary device that has a T.I. 2650 chip in it. Currently. I can setup the coordinator. Reflash the S2C using XCTU and using USB Xbee adapter and the router joins and associates as normal using beacon requests. The end device then connects to the router and I can send all types of messages down to the end device and receive responses.

Now if i reflash the S2C module. Then place it in the Digi X4. Not only does it not send out beacon requests. It sends out link status messages as if it was associated before it associates with the coordinator. I know it is configured for a router because CE = 0. As a result it never joins the network with an association to the coordinator. AI also shows as 0. meaning it is not associated.

Ubiqua Packet Analyzer confirms this behavior.

Can anyone explain this behavior? Is the gateway firmware attempting to setup a coordinator despite having a router setup?

AI=0 means associated. Non-zero codes indicate join failure or a join attempt in progress.

Try issuing an ATNR to have it join your new network. Network configuration is saved in non-volatile storage seperate from the program flash so reflashing the module simply leaves it on the old network.

How do I issue an ATNR? And yes i realised that shortly after I posted it.


From Python

zigbee.ddo_command(None, ‘NR’)

Thank you that worked.