what does Access Violation/No ID Block Mean?

Hello Forum,
I am newbie when it comes to programming with Rabbit Micontrollers so please bear with me.

I am using an RCM6700 interface board and programming with Dynamic C Version 10.64. The first error message I get on trying to compile the simple sample program ‘Pong.C’ is:

“Access violation at address 40061B8E in module ‘VCL.50BPL.’ Read of Address 00000024.”

I get a similar message when I click on the Options tab. Specifically, it goes:

“Access violation at address 004779E2 in module [Dcrab_10.64.exe.’ Read of Address 000001F0.”

Finally, if I force it to compile by hitting F5, I get the following errors:

“BOARDTYPES.LIB : No ID Block found on the target board.
BOARDTYPES.LIB : Please contact Rabbit Technical Support at http://www.rabbit.com/support for assistance.”

I have looked at the manuals, but these particular error messages are not mentioned. I don’t have any idea what they mean, nor how to fix them. Any advice would be much appreciated.


You can re-write the IDblock using the writeIDblock sample.
You can download the sample at the following link under Documentation: