What happened to datastreams that disappeared Oct 1, 2015?

My datastreams disappeared from the list on the night (right after midnight) October 1. This happened earlier in the year after “cloud maintenance”, but I found a little pull tab in center screen to pull the list down. But no joy with that now. I can see my devices and xbees just fine in the device tab. Tried deleting and adding the device back in - no joy.

Any insight would be appreciated.

Would you be able to send a screen shot of what you are seeing (or not seeing)?

So I did not think my question went thru, so I reported it as a bug to idigi. They asked for a screenshot too and then recommended I hit to reset the zoom:

" didn’t work or I was doing it wrong, but I did reset the zoom level which reset the screen and the datastream page appears normal now. Interesting that I hadn’t (or didn’t think I had) zoomed this page and what’s odd to me is the other web services pages appeared normal - datafiles, devices, etc. Opened a new firefox session and it appears normal now. Beats me why it changed since I deleted all history and cookies earlier with no luck. I guess it’s one of those mysteries of software."

Not sure how to paste the pic as there is no option for that in the menu and paste is grayed out when I try to paste it.