I have a CPX4 and XBIB-U-DEV. DIA + Xbee Interface board device. Want to send sw1-4 data as datastreams; no data shown.

Not sure what I’m overlooking. I have a CP X4 (ZB) and XBIB-U-DEV rev 3 board. I’m getting started with DIA and using the Xbee Interface board device. What I want is to send DIO data (dev board sw1-4) to device cloud as datastreams BUT not getting it right. The datastreams do not appear on my device cloud account under the gateway. EDP upload is also configured. What could the issue be? FYI: I’ve tested ok locally i.e: can see switch press changes at /dia.html (local web), console and also tested with the SMS presentation.

Does it attempt to upload any data? You would see that in the console window when you run the application assuming you are running the application locally and not via device cloud (even though it is uploading to device cloud).

Make sure you have no spaces and only A-Z,0-9 and “-” in your device names and just for good measure under the EDP upload add a channel to your channel list as *