Add node to dia data stream list via ESP

After finding a version of ESP that had my x2e listed as a device, I’ve made good progress and the sample projects in ESP all go fine. I have not been able to find an example of adding dia channels for xbee end points with sensors though.

I have end point AT series 2 xbees, each with sensors on all 4 ADC pins, already detected by device cloud as well as ESP (via cloud). The ESP dia getting started project creates dia data streams visible in the device cloud for the gateway’s cpu usage and memory, but I would like to add additional dia data streams pertaining to the readings on each end point’s 4 adc pins.

I have tried adding DIA elements in the ESP project’s yml section such as Zigbee device manager, XBee AIO with mac addresses for both end points as well as the coordinator, Info Device, etc.

Any help or direction on where to focus my search for more info would be appreciated.

No one? would have thought this was a rather routine thing I’m trying to do. Still looking for a nudge in the right direction. Thanks. Mike

Try adding the “XBIB” (Xbee Interface Board) driver and select your Xbee. That should work well with your 4 DIO pin config.

Excellent, thank you for the guidance.