What are plans for Xbee 868 Pro support in ESP 2.1.1. (and also DIA)?

I would like to know what are the plans for future support for Xbee 868 Pro in ESP (and also DIA)?

I wanted to install dia.zip on ConnectPort X4 868 and found out that Xbee 868 is no more supported.

After that I replaced DIA source and downgrade from version to 1.4.14. The module initialized and working properly. I dig little in source code and found that support for 868 version was lost with introduction of new ZigBeeDeviceManager.

Does anybody can tell me if there are any plans to continue support for those modules in future ESP releases?

Regards, Boris

Hi Boris,

The 868 radios seem to be less used than the 2.4GHz or 900MHz versions. I suspect they didn’t include support for it because of lack of demand. If there is a big business opportunity in the future they might write support for it back in.


You can use ESP version 1.4.1 only for 868 modules if they working fine.
For other products you can continue use ESP 2.1.2.
Anyway you can have both versions installed on your PC.

I have solved problem differently. I took latest DIA package (1.4.14) from Device Cloud and install it under 2.1.1 ESP (C:\Program Files (x86)\Digi\python\DevTools-2.1\Dia).

Now I can select DIA package other then default one ( installed by ESP 2.1.1. It works for me and it look that nothing is missing.

Thanks everybody for answers.

Hi Boris1,

It is good to hear that the problem solves with DIA 1.4.14.
And thanks for posting the solution.