Thanks for replying. What are the option if I were to use DIA programs I used in CPX4 for Xbee Pro SX

Are there any Modem similar to CPX4 to be used with XBee Pro SX, especially to be used with DIA built on DIGI ESP IDE.

Many thanks


No. The XBee PRO SX has not yet been made into a Gateway product. Nor has the DIA been updated to support the Digi mesh 2.0 protocol the SX uses.

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Nowadays it is possible to communicate an XBee SX 868 with a connectportX4IA and then read it in an OPC Server such as KEPServerEX? If the answer is yes, I would like to get some information to achieve this goal.


No, Digi does not offer the XBee 868 SX in a Gateway product. For that to come to fruition, there will need to be enough requests to Sales for it.