Gateway product for SX modules

When will there be a IX15 version that will support communicating with XBee SX 900 MHz modules and LTE?

That is a question that needs to be directed to Digi Sales.

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As mvut has said, you should ask Digi sales but realistically you should consider externalising this to a router and adaptor.

I have previously used the IX10 and IX14 connected to a serial XBee adaptor or XBee serial break out board for both SX and 900HP modules. Whilst it does make it two devices, it allows you to bring more flexibility in your router of choice as all you need to do is add the github libraries to python and you can then do whatever you need.

I personally needed to do this for a client as Digi End of Lifed the Australian X4 variant with no public notification to me or my client using it as we were “end users” at the time.

Just bear in mind that there is an, albeit small, risk that Digi may end of life any product they like with out notice to end users.

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I referred him to Sales for a reason. Information from the Sales team is what drives product development. Also Sales is provided information on a regular basis. That is, they are provided information on what is coming out and when which may or may not fit customers needs. Which while the suggest may be an option, there may be other options a few days away or a week away that only sales can comment on.

As for EOL’ed products. Digi does send out notice to all distributors, resellers and known interrogators. It is not provided to End users simply because that information is never provided back to the manufacture. In this case, Digi. It is up to the Distributor, reseller or interrogator who the end user purchased the product from to notify the end user.

If you check the Support site, you will notice that you now have the option to create an account. From that account, you can select products that you want to be notified of any updates.

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