XBee 868 gateway

I have a XBee 868 DK and I want to know if the Digi programmable gateway is supported or how I can use a gateway for them (f.i using a galileo?) ? I also want to know if someone can tell me if there are waterproof cases for them.

Thanks in advance!

Which XBee 868 modules do you have? There are two versions and it does matter on which one you have as to which gateway you want.

Yes, the Connect port X4 gateways are offered in NEMA versions which are weather proof.

I have XBee 865/868LP Dev Kit, with XB8-DMUS-002.

X4-P8J-U901-W (Standard X4 with 868LP) and X4-P8J-U905 (NEMA 4 version with 868 LP)