What happens when a 37xx hits an RST 0?

When a 37xx hits a restart 0 RST 0 (c7 00) what actually happens since (according to doc I am reading) it is not supported and there is no vector for it, or at least that’s the way I understand it. Will it go to a generic vector like a trap as opposed to a z180?

Can someone possibly shed some light on this for me? Thanks! :slight_smile:

I cannot find rst 0 in the processor manual, what document are you reading?


It’s a 2000 manual, but applies to 3xxx too. RST 0 is dropped, so my inquiry is what happens when the processor hits c7 00? What does it actually do? Does it treat it as a NOP? Does it do something else? The doc is not clear.


In case anyone is interested, I found the answer. RST 0 (c7) is replaced with LJP (long jump) to a 16 bit address with an offset.