What happens when pins are misaligned on the XBee Multi-Programmer?

I have an XBee Multi-Programmer with the micro-mount form factor that I am testing out prior to production use. I see that according to the instructions I can plug in and remove the XBee modules while the Multi-Programmer is powered. What happens if I am off by a pin or get the Zigbee module backwards when I plug in the Zigbee module? I’m hesitant to just try it out and possibly damage the Zigbee module or the Multi-Programmer.

Nothing should happen. The module will not be seen and you will be unable to program it.

Thanks for the response. Could you clarify which pins are used by the programmer? Specifically, I’m thinking of the case in which the micromount module gets placed in the programmer one pin too high with pin 2 where pin 1 would be. In this case, VCC (pin 2) would be connected to the GND pin on the programmer, and DOUT (pin 3) would be connected to VCC. That seems like a case that could damage the XBee module.

My understanding is that there is sufficient protection on both to keep either from being damaged if this occurred.