BKGD question on Programmable units

I am using the programmable XBees, the PE Micro Multi-Link programmer, CodeWarrior, BeeKit and XCTU. I am following the cheatsheet for “GettingStarted” but I do not have the XBIB-U-DEV board. I have the 6 pin Berg correctly connected to ping 1, 5, 8 and 10 of the XBee using a Sparkfun USB Explorer board. I cannot get CW to load the debuggable bootloader as it returns an error about the RESET line. I can see that pin is high and CW forces it low for a split second, so it all appears to be functioning as it should. I know CW and PEMicro are fine because they work correctly on my MC13213 dev kit.

Is it unreasonable to expect this setup to work? Do I have to get a UBIB board if I want debugging capability? Do I have to “prep” the XBee first in XCTU in any way?

BTW, I cannot seem to get the factory bootloader to talk to me either. I’ve followed the procedure for XCTU with controlling DTR, RTS and break but to no avail.

Any ideas? They will be much appreciated!!!

Followup… got the Ember bootloader to show correctly. Am back on the original question of what pins/procedures are needed to get a PEMicro device to program the XBees?

Anyone happen to notice that on these Digi forums the reply to view ratio is in the order of 1 to 75? I’m sure a lot of problems are not getting solved.

Many people only come here when they have a problem for others to solve, not because they wish to help others solve problems - we’re all busy, yah?

I cannot answer your question about pins and Programmable XBee since i haven’t tackled that beastie yet.

Owning the UBIB would of course be the path of least delay & pain. However, the UBIB schematic is on the Digi support page here:

It should show you which pins/headers you’ll need to mimic to do was you wish.