XBIB-U-DEV & PEMicro Universal Debugger - Chance of survival?

I need to determine if my XBIB-U-DEV board or my MultiLink system has been damaged. Unfortunately, my test system was incorrectly powered this morning and I am left running forensics to figure out what orders need to be placed.

I am using Port C / BDM of the debugger to connect to P3 at the XBIB. Here is exactly how I had it wired:


  • 20/DIO0 Before: 0.61V, After: ASSUMED 2.21V
  • 14/VREF Before: 3.3V, After ASSUMED 12V
  • 13/DIO9 (Output to LED)
  • 10/GND

Connected, powered via this connection (No VCC connection above)


  • All 4 of 6 functioning pins on this; tied to a MultiLink.


  • It smoked my radio chip under test.
  • The MultiLink’s amber LED began flashing in an “erratic” fashion, simply unlike it usually does.
  • I have powered the MultiLink up after inspecting it; the blue light comes on. I have not reconnected it to any hardware at this time. I know this is not PEMicro support, but if there is a test I can perform to determine if the unit was compromised, short of hooking it up to anything else, then that might be good.
  • The XBIB powers up from USB, and I measure what I would expect at VCC. The RSSI stack at DS6 functions in time and sequence. The ADC/DIO 0-3 pins function with the onboard switches when sunk to ground with the pushbuttons and are not shorted to each other/ground.

Edit: The unit powers up and communicates/configures with XCTU. I have not yet tested any signals to the breakout header. The resistance between Vref and Vcc on the board, with no radio inserted into the module, is 0.5 ohms.


What device did you power up with the incorrect voltage and how?

s3b 900hp prog, incorrect wire placement on ancillary breadboard circuit