Programming a (programmable) XBee Pro S3B 900HP with a Multilink Universal

Could anyone please refer me to documentation on how to wire up and use the PE Micro Multilink debugger with the XBee Pro S3B 900HP? I need to know the pinout since I’m using a Grove board and will likely need to just individually pin the connections. I am also having trouble finding any documentation that looks official on this matter. Some of the stuff I find goes down these wormholes of flashing new bootloaders onto the XBee, as well as the XBee’s power output going from 18dBm to 12dBm if programmed using a Multilink.

Is there something official I can reference here?


edit: There are 4 of 6 pins recommended for use on Port C / BDM of the Multilink. I currently have the Grove/Xbee hooked up via USB-C to one port of my laptop and the Multilink to another USB port. The 6-pin connector is individually pinned out since there is no 6-pin connector on the Grove. TVCC borrows VCC from one of the Grove connections, same for GND, then the BGND(1) on the Multilink is connected to pin 8 of the XBee. The RESET pin on the Multilink (4) is connected to RESET (5) of the XBee. Currently I am getting the following error in CodeWarrior when trying to Run As >> CodeWarrior Download in the project explorer for the Bootloader project:

Error. Check Port, Power and Connections. Firmware update Failed. Retry?

Not sure what the issue is here.

You are not going to do it with a Grove board. But you can with the XBIB-U-DEV where it has already on it, the header you need.

Why would it not work on a Grove board if I’m just using the actual pins? Is there intermediate circuitry required?

I’m not using a Grove connector to connect to any Grove connectors on the board. I’m using single pin/socket connections to the individual breakouts located on J3/J4 next to the S3B socket.

The Grove board was not designed for this purpose. The board I mention is and has a connector built into the board so you can program multiple radios by simply swapping the radio. The rout you are taking would require connecting directly to the pins on the XBee.

That is what I was referring to. I simply broke out the connector from the multilink to the individual pin footprint (no headers) on the board.

All of the pin information for the Freescale and XBee are listed at|Design%2520notes|_____2