What is the purpose of the "Open Console" button in the Action section for a device in Remote Manager?

A web-based terminal is opened when I click on the “Open Console” button on the “Action” section for a device. The thing is that this console seems to be useless. It doesn’t respond to any Linux console commands. I tried to execute an ls and nothing happens. Actually, I can’t execute anything since nothing seems to work.

So what is the purpose of that console?

The console feature is designed to work as you expect – a way to access the console of the device remotely and execute commands.

What type of device are you trying to use the console with? It’s possible the button wasn’t appropriately disabled for a device that doesn’t currently support the console feature.

Well, that may be what’s happening. I’m doing this on a Digi Xbee Industrial Gateway.

I can SSH fine into it but to do so I have to be on the same network and that is not always possible. So, I got really excited when I saw the console in the device manager but only to be immediately disappointed that it doesn’t work.